Our Portfolio

we aim to maximize each company's potential

Nothing explains what we do better than the partner companies we back. Below are some of the leading companies in their sectors positively impacting their communities. These companies benefit from large addressable markets, defensible business models, and high quality capable management teams. The aggregate value of equity of our current partner companies is in excess of $1bn. We have also listed our "Alter-Portfolio" here, honoring companies we missed and whose phenomenal success inspires us in our ongoing endeavors to build growing businesses. 

Cleopatra Hospitals Group is the largest hospital network in Egypt, our buy and build investment strategy since 2014 to provide access to quality healthcare services. In 2022, we acquired the largest shareholder through a continuation fund.READ MORE
MaxAB, a growth capital investment in 2021, is re-engineering the traditional retail market using digital technologies, data analytics, and embedded finance solutions to empower both small retailers and suppliers in North Africa. READ MORE
Lilas, a minority investment in 2015, is the leading independent branded fast moving consumer goods producer in Francophone Africa manufacturing from diapers to detergents and personal care products across five countries.READ MORE
Taaleem is Egypt's leading higher education group, our buy and build strategy since 2015 to institutionalize the higher education sector with a focus on delivering quality affordable higher education in partnership with international programs.READ MORE
Taoufik Hospitals Group is the largest hospital network in Tunisia, our buy and build investment strategy since 2014 to provide access to quality healthcare services.
Cepro is one of Algeria's leading diapers manufacturers, our 2015 minority investment in Algeria's high growth fast moving consumer goods sector delivering quality affordable products.

Realised Investments

We have been fortunate in the last decade to have partnered with more companies across different sectors, geographies and transaction structures than any of our peers, generating impact with attractive returns for our investors and partners.

Assadgrowth, consumer
Azizagrowth, consumer
Moulin D'Orgrowth, consumer
Spinneys Egyptcontrol, consumer
Careemgrowth, digitalization
Entertainerminority, digitalization
CIRA Educationgrowth, education
GEMS Educationminority, education
Laureateminority, education
MDXcontrol, education
Ahli Bank Jordanminority, financials
Saham Financesgrowth, financials
IDHcontrol, healthcare
ODMcontrol, healthcare
Opaliaminority, healthcare
Unimedminority, healthcare
Joramcocontrol, MRO
LFBgrowth, logistics